Internet Links for Literature on Robotics

Robots in Japan

In 1997, the three German specialists in robotics Uwe R. Zimmer, Thomas Christaller, Christfried Webers had been touring through Japanese labs of robotics and their experiences are kept in the report "Recent Developments in Japanese Robotics Research — Notes of a Japan Tour". In addition, a very detailed list of Japanese labs, classified in specific research fields, including links to the respective homepages is available under the address

MIT Leg Laboratory

The Leg Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge (USA) deals entirely with locomotions on legs. Under the link "Our Robots" different locomotion machines are presented including text, fotos and films. In any case, the slow-motion pictures of the Quadruped and the 3D Biped which turns a somersault should not be missed.

Dr. Gavin Miller’s Snake Robots

The private research project on the creeping of snakes shows remarkable results. Short films demonstrate that Gavin Miller’s creations fairly approach the motion of genuine snakes.

Platonic Beast

The way of locomotion of the "Platonic Beast" of Dinesh Pai from the University of British Columbia seems to be extraordinary even among robots. Incredible, but under the above address there exists a film.

Robot Books

An internet-address for all fans of robots. The latest information on artificial muscles, the last football championships and autonomous vacuum cleaners. In addition, there are books and films for sale of the "Forbidden Planet" from 1956 up to the latest documentary of the Discovery Channel.

Robot Information Central

Collection of links to robots. Categories: basic research, companies, patents, toys, discussion groups, etc.

History of Robotics

A short introduction is given into the history of robots and many links are listed, too.

NASA Robot Vehicles Group

A survey on Sojouner and other extraterrestrial vehicles

Ars Robotica

Some "Art Wired" on robots


Sony’s robodog Aibo, with emotions

Lego Mindstorms

First reasonable childrens‘ kit for playing and programming your own robot

Books on Robotics

Isaac Asimov: Alle Robotergeschichten (auf deutsch), Lübbe, 1986

Isaac Asimov: The Complete Robot (in English), Panther Granada Publishing, London, 1984

Asimov’s utopic and entertaining novels, first published in 1940, contain the famous three Laws of Robotics, requiring a robot not to endanger a human being but to obey him or her.

Institute of Robotics Homepage

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